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Wherefore_art_i's Bio and Free Webcam

Gerçek ad:
Doğum Tarihi:
02 Aralık 1995
Erkekler, Kadınlar, Couples
United States
Son yayın:
3 saat, 10 dakika
Vücut türü:
Slim/athletic 6'
cannabis / yes
Vücut Süslemeleri:
An abdominal birthmark

Why do broadcasters only have redundant bullshit as preset lines in the bio page? I am visible on a live camera feed, often nude; they give me nine odd characteristics: Birth date (possibly relevant); the idiots put "gender" then "male, female, trans, couple as options because they can't be bothered to use a goddamned dictionary (they mean 'sex', which is obvious given the display of genitals, i.e. sex-determinant characteristics), "interested in" (fucking irrelevant; I'm a fucking stripper who can block gender access to my room, what does "interested in" even mean in this context? This isn't a fucking dating site, it should read 'tolerant of' and it's already implied by what genders are even allowed in my room), "Location" (broadcaster guide warns against giving personal information, *cough*), spoken language (relevant), "body type" (once again, who the fuck would that be relevant to, yet also not fucking obvious to?),"smoke/drink" (possibly relevant for fetishists, though drinking is against TOS so, also exemplary of stupidity on their part.), "body decorations" (see "body type"). The kicker? "About Me", under which every other fucking preset line falls. Why is a site less than ten years old so goddamn reminiscent of MySpace?

I have a rather large penis, I enjoy anal stimulation sometimes, I have a high sex drive, I am American and speak English.

PRIVATE SHOWS: If you would like a private show, send me a tipnote/private message as such.

REQUESTS: Either: ask if you can have a request met prior to tipping, then tip or pose the request in a tipnote. I do not guarantee they will be met, but usually I'm fairly easy going about those things. If you make a request without doing one of those two things, I will ban you. This is the only warning.

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