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Ratana__'s Bio and Free Webcam

Gerçek ad:
Doğum Tarihi:
01 Ocak 1901
Erkekler, Kadınlar, Trans, Couples
I would love to take VIA Rail (taken once): I am travel-companion extraordinaire. Hire me to travel with you or your loved-ones.
Son yayın:
22 hours ago
English, Non-nude
Vücut türü:
If you read something that validates your values / resonates with you & you could afford to generously tip, please do. Tyvm.
Sober Coach, Sober / Travel/Platonic Companion, English Tutor, Tour Guide
Vücut Süslemeleri:
If u are financially-sound, please generously gift /send token. Here to earn my rent & bills, on the chat-side of the spectrum
Pics & Videos:
January 2018
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For a lot better angles :

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This would be my very first iPhone.
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Total $2,036.90 ( 40,000 tokens)

I really need the dough to enter the martial arts school (so that I could I have a cool employment in 4 years, upon graduation) .

It is $2500 per year (50,000 tokens)

Would you pay for this year (Dec 2017 to the end of Dec 2018) ?

Merci beaucoup.

I Need My Rent Paid ( 19702 tokens since Cb takes half) . What The Health. That Vitamin Movie. The Truth About Cancer. Gift 1000 tokens to get a pass to this room, sealed in 2018. #feet

Over the years, I have got hundreds , or thousands, of people registered with cb and one of their dimwits sent me this:

You have a site warning

Dear ratana__,

A site administrator has sent you a warning with the following message:
You have violated one of the performer rules.

Asking for offline payment (p a y p a l, etc.) is not allowed

Please contact support if you have any questions.

You can reply to this warning by filling the box below.

I Need My Rent Paid ( 19702 tokens since Cb takes half) .
I'd like to curl my hair (4000 tokens since Cb takes half),
I'd like to afford the public transit and other method of transportation ( 6000 tokens , since Cb takes half, per month ) .
Foods: 7000 tokens, since Cb takes half, per month.
I'd like to be in a retreat once a year (8000 tokens, since Cb takes half).
I need to pay for my phone plan ( 1400 tokens, since Cb takes half).
I need to budget for my move to another province ( 80000 tokens, since Cb takes half).
Strolling the public space, in a NATO (no actions talk only) style, with me : 119102 tokens.

Merci beaucoup Danke Schoen Gracias Grazie Thank You Very Much

1.) What did you eat? 2.) If you spot a kitten out in the wild somewhere, what would you do? That Vitamin Movie and The Truth About Cancer What The Health OKJA . Open chat in this veg*an room.

How did you locate this room?

Daily Routine

Sitting with Oneself

You've nothing against eating meat, you say,
As though meat were some innocent fare,
Like a crunchy red apple, a cabbage or bean,
A succulent peach or a pear.

But meat's nothing at all like a cabbage or bean
Or a fruit that you pluck from a tree
This 'meat' as you call it, has feelings like you.
This 'meat', as you call it, is me!

It's true my appearance is different from yours
And I don't speak the language you do,
But inside I'm the same, I feel fear and pain
In exactly the same way as you.

You say that some animals kill for their food,
But they don't know how else to survive,
You've a wealth of nutritious, delicious cuisine.
You don't need to eat beings to thrive.

Just think how you'd like it if you were the one
Who had been designated to die,
Simply 'cos somebody fancied the taste of your
Rump or your leg or your thigh.

You'd probably scream 'It's unfair and unjust!' And you'd make an incredible fuss,
So why can't you see, it's as clear as can be,
That's it's just as unfair to kill us.

Written after a neighbour commented that she'd 'nothing against eating meat' and that other animals kill for food.
by Jenny Moxham

https://thatvitaminmovie.com/movie1/free screening/
I have a huge big suitcase that I'd like to fill up with clothing items that could be incorporated into your day to day life.

What's your size?

Mine is XS but I usually wear the upwards of M.

If you'd wear them to sleep or be around the house or as an undergarment, I'd fill up the suitcase with such.

I keep my stuff practically forever.

I have been washing blankets, would you like me to include them?

Would you like a working suitcase or a broken suitcase or both?

It would be $3000 paid via ... and I'd fill up the suitcase with freshly washed items.

Afterwards, for an addition of$600 I'd Canada Post the suitcase(s) toan address of your choice, You'd be collecting them at the nearestShoppers Drugmart or whatever pick up point since it would be a registered package and they won't be releasing it unless you are home or at a pickup point to receive it.

These terms are non-negotiable.

Please gift to ... and I will contact you.

Ratana thanks you.

11 is My Lucky # is the title of the email.

I have just sent it out to 19 addresses.

Forward your e m a i l addy to lydia . cuddlery g m a i l c o m
and I will send it to you .

This invitation goes to everyone reading this type it with a space after each character.

I seldom look at the screen, I am usually away from the camera.

So, my current schedule is leaving at around 12 noon daily so I could get to work at 2:30 pm downtown.

An iPhone would follow me as I arrive home, am cooking supper, getting ready for bed, asleep, waking up, getting ready to work.

I know I'd make an average of $800 / mo out of the iPhone.

Who here is sponsoring this work-from-home endeavour?

I have never owned an iPhone before. I'd like to be gifted the latest one, the 7+ and all of the trimmings.

Love love love So Decadent non-dairy desserts :D

Please nominate yours truly, tyvm : http://www.ellentv.com/be-on-the-show/43 3/


Watched it Oct/Nov 2015 while working in a call centre.

Offline tokens are highly-welcomed.

Silent lurkers: tyvm.

Clothing items (168 tokens each): swimsuits, long-johns, wool winter sweaters, spring/ fall/ summer jackets, ... .

Shipping & handling: 168 CAD per shipment/ destination regardless of the number of items.
Please contact me for the details, tyvm.

Thank you very much for taking the time to kindly read.

Would you like to try a number challenge? The game is to count to 20. You can type one number or two for each of your turns, as long as they are in good order. This is a two-player game. Whoever gets to type 20 wins.

You tip your choice of the destination #,
whenever u r ready to start: you'd choose who goes first.

I'd win, & you'd again tip a destination # of your choice whenever you'd like to play.

PM is 108 tokens.

Face is 168 in crazyticket.

You are welcome to get tickets for other guests.

Voice is on in privates.

Face [8888 tokens remaining] or see me through the clips on my bio, be a fan, get full access, tyvm #asian #longhair [888888 tokens remaining]

Would you like to try a number challenge? The game is to count to 20. You can type one number or two for each of your turns, as long as they are in good order. This is a two-player game. Whoever gets to type 20 wins.

You rain this room with 400 Cb tokens or gift http://www.ArtistDavidKing.com a minimum of 20 CAD, each time you lose.

You could start or I could start.

Anonymous, please click to go grey http://chaturbate.com/affiliates/in/OT2s /qYd0t/ , tyvm.

Listening to & solving life challenges. Value a genuinely platonic companionship? Please refrain from asking me to jerk you off. Please use me as someone you can count on in time of needs / crisis. {Breathe,take5,regroup,consult the roadmap). Compassion, generosity, reliability, trustworthiness, world peace. Huddle with your tribe. Consult your reflection. Observe impacts of people to our live. Look up at the sky and pray. Check-in with yourself. Road maps, ny resolutions, vision boards, fave movies & tv shows.

Sobriety Coach, Sober Coach, Sober Companion.

Hire me to ensure you / your loved ones are staying sober, staying smoke-free.

http://www.saraniya.com/books/meditation /Bhikkhu_Bodhi-Comprehensive_Manual_of_ Abhidhamma.

Most of my broadcasts r muted: the landlady lives in this apartment.

Tyvm to those who have made the purchase/ sent tokens/gifted: lydia.cuddlery at gmail com .


İstek Listeleri:

Gold & rent me this good living-space. Stick around to type to others. Is truth subjective or universal? Answer and follow me ...

Imagine, a world where you know you have an ear, a sounding board, a coach, a confidante, someone to turn to. Value a genuinely platonic companionship? ...

Time to check-in with, call, listen to, and simply sit / be with yourself.

I donate something somewhere somehow with each tokens / $ you gift, tyvm.

Send 10x the required cost for registered mail through tokens or my link & I will ship you the clothing I have worn while I broadcast, as well as email you the respective clips.

https://chaturbate.com/photo_videos/phot oset/list_popup/ratana__/
http://www.buddhanet.net/audio-library.h tm

Leaning towards first instincts.

Surrounding myself with the merits of discipline, foregoing regrets.

Happiness to those I owe my well-being.

Walking away from those who are asking for a lot more than the value of their chosen role.

About Me

Greetings, 1.) have you been to Nova Scotia? I have lived in Halifax since late 2007. [ I studied English at the English Department of the Teachers' Training Faculty in 1995 to 1997. 2.) What kind of schedule do you keep? 3.) Would you like to keep in touch online? 4.) What about visiting Halifax, Nova Scotia? If the plan has been confirmed before the end of April, I could get you a small bachelor pad for CA , all included (including Bell Aliant FibreOp internet access, in-pad clothes-washer, halogen heater, foods & local bus tickets). I could accompany you to the Farmers' markets, cook for you/ us, etc. I will be buying the groceries for both of us. We could travel by VIA rail to Vancouver & back, you will be covering our travel expenses. As long as you cover my travel expenses, I could always go back to Hfx on my own, if you'd like to fly out from Vancouver or somewhere else. [You will be staying there on your own. I live somewhere else. The place for you is my current place, I am moving to another place. The building has 2 other rooms on the first floor. All of the rooms are self-contained (private washrooms, private kitchens). The other two are males. I bought a portable clothes-washer for my pad in late Oct 2015 & a mattress/bed in mid Nov 2015, a halogen heater in late Nov 2015. The landlady lives on the 2nd floor; with her husband.] Please feel free to take as much time as you need with the response. I have been learning Mandarin, German, French, Japanese, Korean and a bunch of other languages; on and off ever since 10 or more years ago. I donate something somewhere somehow each time you gift, tyvm. Although I've remained at the beginner level ever since I started 6 or more years ago, I do martial arts. canoe, hike, kayak, ... . Tyvm for stopping by, have a grand life.

What I'm looking for

I'd like to travel to Vancouver city by train ( VIA rail ) then to Asia by a cruise ship. I was in BC in late August 2007, I really should have stayed/ lived in BC. I have never been to Vancouver city. Unless I could secure a good constant in Hfx, or somewhere else: I've been sorting my humble belongings & papers out so that I could travel lightly to BC. I need a good accommodation, & work. Would you care to help? [I intend to take VIA rail, I've never taken one before.] Would you like to try a number challenge? The game is to count to 20. You can type one number or two for each of your turns, as long as they are in good order. This is a two-player game. Whoever gets to type 20 wins. You could start or I could start, your call. Genuinely platonic companionship. 1.) Travel / Sober Companion 2.) Phone Conversations 3.) We could go swimming, play tennis (I am an absolute beginner, my racquets & balls are still somewhere else) / badminton, board games, karaoke, sitting around / doing stretches / checking-in with, calling, simply be with ourselves aka meditation somewhere in a public space (a beach?), ... endless platonic options ... 4.) First / second / ... date experience. Generally speaking, I'd go with your call in regards to whatever is good to be done in public spaces. Kissing on the lips, skin covered by garments: off-limit. 5.) You live apart from your family member(s) / relative(s)/loved ones? Hire me to check-in / accompany them. I'd gladly cut /colour/scent/ perm my hair according to the style you'd like me to have, please feel free to forward me the preferred scents & styles.

___Lydia___: Let's Cruise Around The World

About Non-Smoker with Average body type City North york, Ontario Details 41 year old Female, 5' 2" (157cm), Buddhist Ethnicity Asian, Capricorn Intent ___Lydia___ wants to find someone to marry. Education Some University Personality Princess Profession Tutor

I am Seeking a Man For Friends

Do you drink? No Do you want children? Does not want children
Marital Status Single Do you do drugs? No
Hair Color Black Eye Color Brown
Do you have a car? No Do you have children? No
Longest Relationship Over 10 years How ambitious are you? Somewhat Ambitious
Pets No Pets Second Language English

Martial Arts
Tennis someone stole my rackets and balls
Walks/ hikes
and the list goes on

About Lydia
1.) What did you eat?

2.) If you spot a kitten out in the wild somewhere, what would you do?

What The Health , That Vitamin Movie and The Truth About Cancer.

Conversation Starters (i.e. what you'd like to do on a first date...)
Compassion, generosity, reliability, trustworthiness, world peace.

Huddle with your tribe.

Consult your reflection.

Observe impacts of people to our live.

Look up at the sky and pray.

Check-in with yourself.


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