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Hermione_creme's Bio and Free Webcam

Gerçek ad:
Hermione (new username, same me)
Doğum Tarihi:
27 Ocak 1992
Erkekler, Kadınlar
Florida. twitter @ Hermione_Creme
Son yayın:
5 gün, 17 saat
Vücut türü:
soft and curvy, strong as hell
tequila! i quit weed.
Vücut Süslemeleri:
a few tattoos. i'd like a few more.

i gained most of my 50,000 followers by doing semi-hardcore masturbation marathons.
i used to only show a close-up of my pussy, and sometimes my tits, and pretty much nothing else.
i enjoyed keeping my identity a mystery, both for the thrill of it and for the safety that anonymity provides.
i decided recently to start showing my face. why, you ask?
because, simply, this world we all live in is a fuckin' dumpster fire and i'm tired of treading lightly around society's expectations.
basically: "whatever whatever i do what i want" on a grand scale.

i'm single!
i'm bisexual.
i have a natural big clit. ;)
i'm an exhibitionist and voyeur. for real. big time.
i'm a squirter (is it pee? is it "squirt"? the debate rages on).
i'm also hugely multi-orgasmic. like, almost shockingly so.
my vagina is fucking magical.

i'm still experimenting with what i want to do on chaturbate.
i'm only human. sometimes i'll be happy and bubbly, and other days not so much.
you can expect chill hangouts with lots of chatting and joking around and open-minded discussions about sex,
as well as masturbation marathons and other naughty ventures.
i'll only ever do things on here that i think are fun, and that don't give me crippling existential doubt.
so if you ask me for something and i decline - accept it and move on.
i do plan on making a manyvids account to use my prolific collection of Bad Dragon dildos. keep an eye out for that.

pm - 66 tokens
watch your cam (for the day) - 99 tokens
flash titties - 100 tokens
roleplay / dirty talk in pm - 175 tokens
show that big ol' bush - 300 tokens
24 hour cum denial - 2000 tokens
instant public cumshow! - 4500 tokens

İstek Listeleri:

Bad Dragon giftcards so I can continue to buy a million dildos! click here
a few of the toys i'd really like are: Flint, Rex, Xerxes, Tucker, Apollo, Winston's tail
the toys i already have are: Ridley, Tako the Tentacle, Chance, Roland, ultimate fantasy (x2), Meng, Bumblehooves, Pretzal, Duke, and Bruce the shark

i'd really like a high quality new laptop to add some flexibility to my shows.
i have an awesome desktop computer that i use for all my shows now,
but i can't take it outside and around the house with me.
i have a really gorgeous private backyard that i'd love to do naughty stuff in.
i'd also like to do a cumshow in my creepy-ass attic, just for fun, to entertain the ghosts.
i'll be saving up for a laptop specifically for camming, regardless,
but if you want to get me one... i'd be a very happy gal :)

my amazon wishlist: click here!

i don't have a P.O. box/mailing service set up yet, so wishlist gifting has to be done through gift cards, for now.
all the things on my wishlist (except the wonder woman action figure....... but tbh i could figure out a way to work her into my show) are for improving my cam shows or the general aesthetic of my camming area.