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Aella's Bio and Free Webcam

Gerçek ad:
Aella The Mime
Doğum Tarihi:
22 Şubat 1992
Erkekler, Kadınlar
Motherfuckin Seattle
Son yayın:
1 yıl, 6 ay
Vücut türü:
Vücut Süslemeleri:
Pics & Videos:

No I did not go to art school. I majored in 3d animation and then dropped out cause they made me take art classes and this one time I tried to make an internally consistent alien culture like they asked me to but they didn't actually care about internal consistency it was just busy work in the end and after that I decided to fuck it all, standardized education is a bunch of people in berets and wineglasses and mustaches deciding that they are exempt from critical thinking and I just can't handle that.

Will I talk? No, I don't talk. I don't type, I don't even hold the concept of speech within my mind. I operate purely on guesture-based communication. These words were written by my caretaker who was assigned to creatively interpret my silent flailings. This caretaker is not paid enough. Help her please she has to get back to Cuba because her children are 7 and 10 now and they need their momma oh god no don't hit me plea

No I do not do psychedelics on cam. If I show you my art, though, there's a good chance it was influenced by exploration of the universe.

When not scrambling sex drives online, I am usually hiding in my room and not moving. I sometimes play TF2. I like books, mostly fantasy books. I can't swim. I like bondage cause that's original. I hold to some but not all conspiracy theories. I was homeschooled. I don't know how to do anything in life. I don't know how I'm not dead. I think taxes shouldn't be a thing and all drugs should be legalized. I'm really not sure what I think of my tits. Sometimes the nipples get hairy. The only thing I'm ashamed about is probably a hypothetical circumstance where I have anal sex for the first time and there's poop on the dick. That would be really embarrassing.

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